Built on Data

Search is everything

Search is the unsung hero of all things digital. From delivering relevant brand experience, to uncovering actionable insights for your business as a whole – your search platform, and the data it provides, is invaluable.

"MC+A have been instrumental in helping us build out a highly effective search product for our platform."

We create value via search.

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Customer Experience

Deliver effective customer support

Intelligently surfacing data can help your customer support team better anticipate and respond to customer queries. This creates a better customer experience, improving the effectiveness of chatbots, and reducing customer support tickets.

Marketing Performance

Making your value visible

You spend millions creating offerings your customers will value, and millions more communicating that value. Search solutions are essential to delivering the most relevant offering to a specific customer, in a specific moment. Search makes your value visible.

Data & Analytics

Uncover more value in your data

Get more from your data by utilising search technology to deliver actionable insights and new value to your business.

Technology Partnerships

Attivio Search
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