Transforming Business with Intelligent Experiences

We help organizations deliver intelligent, personalized experiences with technology and data. This starts with search technology but expands into the user experience with data and information. Organizations large and small leverage our expertise in strategic consulting and implementation to deliver solutions and platforms that personalized user experiences that help customers and employees find what they need next.

We are focused on Providing Recommendations

We help organizations envision and implement personalized digital experiences powered by Search and Machine Learning.

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Delivering Intelligence Experience

We have over a decade of expertise delivering digital transformations to organizations driven by search and analytics. We have developed a prescriptive methodology that helps us deliver these transformative experiences in an efficient and repeatable manner.

Business Focused ML

Machine Learning needs the right data to be effective. Use data in real-time to deliver custom experiences to every customer.

Delivering NLP

Apply Natural Language Processing for classification, entity extraction, and sentiment analysis enriches the search experience.

Understand Users’ Intent

Determining the intent of a query is transformative. Enrich the digital experience by guiding users to the next best action.

Microsoft Search is not worth the wait.

Building Intelligent Experiences – Insight Engines vs Microsoft Search Part 1 – Breaking Down Microsoft Cognitive Services Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in business have become as synonymous as salt and pepper on any…
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Announcing Coveo MVP Program

This article is reposted from Coveo’s Blog. Our journey to delivering truly relevant digital experiences has not been short. It reflectsnearly two decades of technological development, driven by market-inspired innovation.The story behind the Coveo Relevance Cloud…
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Strategic Technology Partnerships

We partner with leading technology platforms to provide search and data analytics driven experiences that are intelligent and deliver business impact.

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