Providing Recommendations and Personalization to Major Brands

We help clients realize personalized digital experiences powered by Search and Machine Learning

Machine Learning Applied

Use data in real-time to deliver custom experiences to every customer. By making interactions personal ensures every query leads to the best outcome.

Natural Language Processing

Apply NLP for classification, entity extraction, and sentiment analysis enriches the search experience.

Query Intent

Determining the intent of a query is transformative. Enrich the digital experience by guiding users to the next best action.

Deploying Insight Engines

Insight engines augment search technology with artificial intelligence to deliver insights — in context and using various modalities — derived from the full range of enterprise content and data.


We have over a decade of expertise providing digital transforms to organizations through search and analytics. We have developed a prescriptive methodology that helps us deliver these transformative experiences in an efficient and repeatable manner.

Strategic Technology Partnerships

We deliver impactful solutions for Enterprise Search, Data Analytics, and Information Management by working with the best in class technology platforms.

Lucidworks is a MC+A Partner
Elastic is an MC+A Partner
Attivio is an MC+A Partner
Coveo is a MC+A Partner