The Path Forward. Providing Personalization and Recommendations

Make Your Entire Sales Team Rockstars

Every sale team has top performers. MC+A can help your organization improve the entire sales organization’s efficiency and effectiveness by providing your sales team members with the best information given their task and the opportunity.

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Improve CSAT and Reduce Cost Through Self service

Help your customers and employees self-service but providing recommendation and personalized content. Improve every digital touch point with meaningful and relevant customer interactions while streamlining the agent support process tough providing data-driven insights.

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Compliance Reduces Risk

Risk management and compliance are vital components to legal and research verticals. Leverage analytics and Machine Learning to deliver insights and recommendations that reduce risk and exposure and ensure regulatory compliance.

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Experts for Google Search Appliance (GSA) Replacement

MC+A has an award-winning history with the Google Search Appliance. MC+A provides clients strategic support to guide them through the transformation process and unmatched technical expertise to deliver your replacement technology. MC+A is laser-focused on helping clients transform their businesses by replacing the Google Search Appliance with the solutions that fit your use case and long-term goals.

GSA is Sunsetting

Expert GSA Replacement    MC+A's Connector Bridge Simplifies Transistion

Impact Delivered

We work with our client to deliver personalized experiences that allow them to user their new and existing data in more meaningful ways.