Focused on Search. Next Best Actions

We develop solutions that provide intelligence recommendations that reduce the friction in completing the next best action for a user’s given task and context. It is about leveraging data to deliver an experience that is magical.

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Improving Their Users’ Outcomes through Personalization

MC+A is a leading independent consultancy focused on delivering solutions that provide users with personalized recommendations and insights.  Based in Chicago, IL MC+A has over 10 years of technical expertise delivering solutions focused on improved business outcomes through search (NLP), data processing, Machine Learning (ML), and analytics.  We help our clients increase revenue, reduce costs, and mitigate risk by providing insights and recommendations to users when they need them. Our delivery methodology focuses on using data to provide better intelligence at every touchpoint. We strive to deliver solutions that empower users to take the next best action.

Enabling Industry Leading Partner Technologies

We are extremely proud of our technical depth but believe that in most cases it isn’t strategic to build from scratch. We have taken our years of technical expertise and partnered with what we consider to be the best in breed technology vendors. Our partner’s technology when combined with our technical and strategic knowledge helps our client build a foundation of organizational change for search as opt-in to recommendations and insight engines.

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