Deliver smarter data-driven experiences for your business.

Insight Engines reinvent the way you interact with data and your users and customers.

Insight Engines are AI-powered search and discovery solutions that go beyond simply searching your content repositories. Investing in these technologies will optimize workflows, increase revenue and improve users’ experience at every level of your business.

Build Smarter Digital Experiences with Connectivity

Information can be searched from everywhere, from any content silo, no matter how unstructured. This unified experience allows you to stop searching and start finding.

Al-Powered Outcomes

Use AI to provide users with the specific piece of content they need at the precise moment they need it allowing them to easily and successfully self-service. Providing timely and relevant recommendations leave a lasting impression that builds brand loyalty.

Natural Language Processing for Support Portals

Empower users to self-serve by improving their ability to research and find resolutions in your support portal before they create a ticket. Use machine learning to continuously refine which answer best-fit user searches.

Insights in Context

Optimize your applications by implementing an omnichannel search. Successful search can no longer be an add-on. Search needs to be a vital part of every digital.

Let’s Get Started

MC+A has the technical and business expertise to help you make the most of your technology investments in machine learning and search.


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