Invest in what matters

Investing in search technology provides access to assets spread across your different platforms. Make the most of these investments by optimizing workflows to reinvent the way you work with your existing assets.

Build Intranets as Digital Experiences 

Stop searching and start finding.  Information workers spend 2.5 hours a day searching for information. Your intranet can be useful. Improve your search platform and facilitate access to internal knowledge.

Over 80% of all data is unstructured. Organize your data, make it available to your workforce. A team with access to knowledge is more independent and able to accomplish more in a day.

Intranet Search

Sales Search

AI-powered User Enablement

Use AI to provide users with a specific piece of content or data they need at the precise moment they need it allows them to easily and successfully self-service. Leave a lasting impression with users by providing meaningful suggestions.

Natural Language Processing for Support Portals

Help support reps find and use assets to help customers faster. Empower your customers with the right technology and knowledge, so they can start solving cases through self-service.
Run your business while changing and improving it. Invest in initiatives that will free improve your IT team overall performance and capacity to solve issues.

Support Improvements

Search Applications

Providing Insights in Context

Optimize your applications, implement a superior search platform. Successful search can no longer be an add-on. Search needs to be a vital part of every business process and workflow.

Search is at the core of our everyday activities. High-quality search features are expected and essential to every user. Don’t let your product or service be the exception.