Webinar: Intelligent Policing. Leveraging Data to Better Serve Communities

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Policing organizations face the same data access challenges as other organizations. Large volumes of siloed data make getting a full 360 understanding of existing connections and patterns difficult.
Join us for a round table discussion of how the Toronto Police Service is better serving their community through deploying a unified intelligent data platform.

Data innovation improves officers’ engagement with existing data and streamlines investigation workflows by enhancing collaboration. This improved visibility into existing police data allows for a more intelligent and responsive police force.

This Webinar We’ll Cover:

  • The technology needs of an intelligent police force.
  • How a Global Search improves an officer’s interaction with existing data.

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Webinar Speakers

Ian Williams

Manager of Analytics & Innovation

Toronto Police Service

Michael Cizmar

Founder & Managing Director


Simon Taylor

Vice President Worldwide Channels & Alliances


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