Webinar: Don’t Get Left Behind

How to Use Your GSA Project to Build a Foundation for Innovation

Wednesday, April 25

2:00 pm ET/11:00 am PT | 45 minutes


  • Michael Cizmar, President and Managing Director at MC+A
  • Diane Tetrault, Sr. Director, Product Marketing at Coveo
Building an Innovation Platform

Don’t miss out on delivering groundbreaking innovation by holding yourself back with a like-for-like ‘OEM’ replacement of your existing Google Search Appliance solution. Creating relevant and personalized digital experiences is not only possible but also necessary to achieve your future strategic goals. The choices you make with your GSA replacement could end up holding your team back. During this webinar, we’ll show you how to avoid this situation. You will learn:

  • The common myths and assumptions that are going to create issues for GSA projects
  • Best practices in how to structure your project
  • How to align your replacement or upgrade project with your strategic goals for innovation

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Michael Cizmar

Michael Cizmar

Managing Director, MC+A

Michael is the founder and Managing Director of MC+A. He specializes in assisting companies in the implementation of Business Intelligence Solutions. With over 20 years of experience in software design, development, and management, Michael has worked with some of the largest and most successful Silicon Valley companies through the full lifecycle of implementing the technologies. Michael holds a BS in Computer Science from Bradley University.


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Diane Tetrault

Diane Tetrault

Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Coveo

As Senior Director of Product Marketing for Coveo, Diane has more than 20 years’ experience in the technology and communications industries in both North America and the UK. Her unique blend of technical aptitude and strategic thinking, Diane now leads a team responsible for creating the stories about what companies can achieve using Coveo’s AI-powered intelligent search. Diane holds a BCom and MBA from McGill University in Montreal, Canada and is an avid traveler and professional scuba diver.



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