The Roadmap to Maturity Delivering Intelligence Experiences

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Why Our Approach to Maturity?

MC+A specializes in providing strategy, experience, implementation, and support services to organizations looking to deploy ML, AI, and other related technologies to deliver intelligent and personalized experiences.  We focused on simplifying complex technology through a prescriptive methodology, transforming how users interact with information through technology.

The Need for Process to Deliver Better Digital Experiences

Most digital experience projects that involve search start with intentions to provide ‘Google for our organization’ but fail to deliver on anything close to that promise. In delivering over 200 search and search derivative experiences for organizations across a wide range of verticals it is our experience that these project failures are due to a lack of sustained effort and governance not from technical issues. The commercialization of next-generation search and insight technologies allows you to fulfill this promise if you take a systematic approach to implementation.

Sellers that personalize customer experience see greater levels of customer engagement and higher retention.


Embracing the Era of Insights and Intelligence Experiences

We are witnessing a paradigm shift in technology where it is possible to deliver unique experiences to every user at every touchpoint. Driving this shift is a collection of technologies that industry analysts refer to as Insight Engines. An Insight Engine as defined by Gartner, “augment search technology with artificial intelligence to deliver insights—in context and using various modalities—derived from the full range of enterprise content and data.” They embed AI technologies within traditional search infrastructures. This embed AI makes them aware of the context from which a user is searching while understanding where users (should) want to go.

Insight engines are a collection of component technologies rolled into platforms, rather than a singular technology. Subcomponent technologies to an Insight Engine can include Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). These technologies are game-changing, but their impact is realized when implemented through a systematic approach that is focused on how they can improve a user’s search experience. When focused on a user, their journey, and the fact that searching is not what they intended to do when visiting your website or using your application, you deliver better outcomes. Better outcomes for users drive improvements to all other business metrics.

Insight Engine Maturity Matrix

The Process to Maturity

Improving your search maturity is a vital, multi-step process. It starts by understanding where your organization is at on the maturity ladder below.

Understanding your current maturity level and where you aspire to allows you to road map a path forward. Briefly, these are the steps:

7 steps to maturity

When working through these steps, you should also review trends in consumer platforms (Google, Facebook, Amazon) to understand what user expectations could be when interacting with your website or application.

The steps described above provide iterative benefits and should produce feedback to guide the next steps. Insight Engines allow you to focus on the user and deliver incredible experiences by understanding intent and delivering intelligent recommendations.

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