Why you should be using the Elastic (ELK) Stack

The ability to search and report analytics on an organization’s data are crucial to any digital strategy. While there are several platforms that enable this kind of data processing: ingesting, searching, analyzing, and visualizing organizational data the ELK (Elastic) Stack might be the most popular of them all and your organization should be using it.

The Elastic Stack, or ELK Stack, comprises three related projects:

  • Elasticsearch, a distributed search engine with highly refined analytics capabilities
  • Logstash, a data-processing pipeline that collects data and delivers it to Elasticsearch
  • Kibana, a visualization platform built expressly for Elasticsearch

Together, these components form a comprehensive, tightly integrated, easily scalable search solution for businesses of all sizes.

The Data-Driven Future is Now

The fastest-growing companies tend to be those that pull the most value from the widest range of relevant data. Along with huge opportunities, though, data analysis can pose huge challenges.

The sheer volume of data required to give companies a strategic edge can also demand significant investments in new infrastructure and personnel; not every business strikes the right balance between investment and return.

To achieve maximum ROI from data-related investments, companies need solutions that: improve data visibility to knowledge workers and provide business insights from data. This is where the Elastic Stack comes in.

Business and supporting technology platforms can generate data at a volume that is staggering. Positioning your organization to understand what valuable data to leverage is key.

Why Use ELK(Elastic) Stack?

The Elastic Stack meets the needs of growing businesses with an efficient, integrated toolset designed to deliver actionable real-time insights from large sets of search data. Its highly active community and years of successful implementations offer an unmatched combination of maturity and future-proof development.

There are scores of reasons to consider the Elastic Stack. Here are four of the most important.

Enterprise Search
Empower users to search for everything from anywhere. Elastic can unify your content platforms into a highly personalized and relevant search experience. By unifying content platforms at the search level, the Elastic Stack empowers users to search across enterprise systems and data silos, giving them a comprehensive yet highly personalized search experience.

The Elastic stack brings real-time metrics, logs, and APM traces into a single easily consulted view. Companies can spot opportunities as they arise and challenges as they begin to develop, allowing for a quick and profitable response.

Elastic deploys at scale, regardless of a company’s technical infrastructure. Public and private cloud implementations, bare-metal or containerized, even as a SaaS solution, Elastic is built to work with any company’s systems and to adapt as companies grow.

On top of the platform’s internal security (index encryption, field-level security on documents) the SIEM app collects security information across the enterprise and provides richly detailed dashboards that allow close scrutiny of security operations.

Get Started with Elastic Stack

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