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Leave your Elasticsearch needs to an Elastic Advanced Partner.  We can provide a nearshore team based in Santiago, Chile in as little as two weeks. Learn how to optimize your Elasticsearch by our nearshore delivery team with a free 1-hour phone consultation.  

Comprehensive Elastic Consulting

Go to market faster with help from our consulting team. We are focused on helping customers realize value quickly.

Working with MC+A ensures your Elasticsearch Implementation arrives on time and to specification. Our consultative approach to Elasticsearch implementations focuses on solving business issues and providing measurable value.

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Elastic Enterprise Search. Powering Intelligence Experiences

Work with MC+A to implement powerful, intelligent search experiences for your team. We can implement Elasticsearch for any business use case from adding a pre-tuned search to your website or app to a fully integrated intelligent workplace

MC+A can help you run Elastic products your way

elastic workplace search
Elastic App Search
Elastic Site Search

The Elastic Stack provides a suite of tools for ingesting and analyzing dynamic data sets securely.  MC+A has the experience to design your Elastic solution for scalability, reliability, and easy management.  With this distributed, open-source search and analytics engine you’ll start making sense of your data. From social media to finance, organize, and make use of structured and unstructured data across any industry.

Whether you are looking to expand to a new use case or improve an existing implementation? MC+A has over a decade of experience and deep technical knowledge to help you accelerate your projects and deliver value for your business.


Building intelligent experiences without a roadmap or plan limits effectiveness and greatly reduces ROI and adoption. 

Strategy & Consulting

Developing a roadmap and comprehensive strategy that supports intelligence information discover within your organization is key to achieving positive business outcomes. 

Get Started

MC+A has over 10 years of implementing search and analytics use cases and has an experienced team of consultants that facilitate implementing business value in technologies like the Elastic Stack.

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