Moving from Search to Intelligence with Coveo

Coveo is a scalable cloud platform that solves your search needs, and joins up your customer journeys using data and AI.

In today’s digital workplace keyword searching is not a feature; its a legacy technology. Forward-looking businesses are replacing these legacy technologies with solutions that respond to what users want and predict what they’ll need next. You need to be providing your employees and customers with recommendations and personalization.

Empower Employees to Achieve

Deliver information relevant to employees based on their role and context. Reduce the employee knowledge burden of so many technology systems and knowledge spread out throughout your organization. Help keep employees engaged by helping them level up their knowledge through self-serve.

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Turn Shoppers into Buyers

Improve eCommerce performance by tapping into AI and relevant recommendations. Use Coveo’s eCommerce personalization features like dynamic navigation, category selection, and facets, help convert shoppers into customers by zeroing in on the product that is right for them.

Empower Support Agents

Improve CSAT and first-call resolution by improving your support agents’ proficiency in providing support. Coveo puts the most relevant, case-specific information at agents’ fingertips while they are engaged with customers in real-time.

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Building Intelligent Experience with Coveo


Coveo ML is driven by rich usage analytics allow it to recommend content your customers, and employees are most likely to need next, based on observing what has worked for others.


Connect to hundreds of content types across thousands of sources by bringing it into a single, unified index.


Coveo provides real-time insight into your users’ search experience. Coveo’s usage analytics, provide all the information you need to know your users and their impact business KPIs

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