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Move beyond Keywords with Coveo Cloud

Today keyword searching is not a feature; it is legacy technology. Forward-looking businesses are replacing keyword search with frameworks and platforms that understand where users are and what they are looking. Put simply it is about providing recommendations and personalization.

Build Better Customer Communities

Build better customer communities powered by Coveo Cloud Machine Learning (ML). CSAT improves when customers are helping themselves with content that provides meaningful solutions. Coveo delivers relevance personalized experiences to each customer based on their profile on where they are on your site.

Gain Insights into behavior and content usage

Improve your application or site performance by using Coveo Cloud Usage Analytics. Coveo Analytics provides an understanding of what information users are looking for and identifies content gaps so you can improve self-service success. Dig deep into audience segmentation to gain a deep understanding of how users are using your content.

Empower Support Agents

Improve CSAT and first-call resolution by making improving your agent’s proficiency it providing support. Coveo put the most relevant, case-specific information at agents fingertips while they are engaged with customers.

Coveo helps Unlock the value of your business intelligence

Security & Compliance

Coveo is HIPAA and SOC II examination. All Coveo Cloud Platform customers benefit from a platform built to satisfy these requirements.


Coveo includes many pre-built connectors that allow indexing of content securely from a wide range of enterprise repositories, both in the cloud and on-premises.

Machine Learning brings a new level of Relevancy

Coveo ML is driven by rich usage analytics allow it to recommend content your customers, and employees are most likely to need next, based on observing what has worked for others.

Better Understand Users with Analytics

Coveo provides real-time insight into your users’ search experience. Coveo’s usage analytics, provide all the information you need to know your users and their impact business KPIs

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