Machine Learning

Attivio’s machine learning analyzes user behaviors and builds relevancy models that learn and improve as content, data, and user activity grows and evolves. From the user’s perspective, these techniques help in two ways: by delivering highly relevant results from search queries, and by understanding the intent behind the query itself, based on context.


Attivio’s Natural Language Processing parses user queries and content to understand intent and meaning. Understanding user intent and inferring meaning based on a deep understanding of the text, allows Attivio to present the most relevant information, regardless of information silos allowing for unexpected correlations and insights.

Active Security

Attivio’s approach to security is patented and industry-leading. All documents and ACLs are indexed as unique documents and stored separately, joining them dynamically, at query-time. Attivio’s Active Security satisfies the most complex enterprise security requirements while avoiding limitations of early-binding as well as the pitfalls of late-binding.

Improve Visibility into the Right Information

Reduce Risk Through Insights

When data is disconnected and scattered across the organization, we have to make decisions based on incomplete information. Having a full view into your information landscape, so you can reduce risk and prevent costly failures.

Unified Digital Experiences

Your users get answers in their personal life, thanks to AI-powered apps like Google, Siri, and Alexa. The enterprise can (and should) be the same. Attivio helps make the workplace more like users consumer experience.

Enterprise Search Replacement

If you are facing the looming sunset of your legacy search application, or vendor instability, you need to plan for the transition. Instead of simply replacing legacy technology, take the opportunity to innovate and scale for the future.

Customer Support

Whether your customer systems are internal, or completely self-service, information is at the core. If their search applications are AI-powered, service reps are more productive and customers are happier – because their searches give smart answers, instantly.

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