MC+A Supports the Best in Class Insight Engine Platforms

We work with clients to deliver personalization solutions that are impactful to lines of business. For over a decade we have worked to cultivate partnerships with best in the work technology platforms.

Attivio is an MC+A Partner

Attivio is a leading cognitive search platform that provides natural language processing, machine learning, and analytics capabilities.

Coveo is a MC+A Partner

The Coveo Cloud is an intelligent cloud-based search aimed at providing personalization and recommendations at every interaction.

Elastic is an MC+A Partner

The Elastic Stack solves search challenges, provides data insights and exploration from the defacto open source platform built on Lucene.

Lucidworks is a MC+A Partner

Lucidworks Fusion provides the enterprise-grade capabilities powered by Solr and Spark that can deliver powerful search apps at scale.

Securely run your business-critical processes and applications, including ML and AI the on Google Cloud Platform.