Connect Your Data Ecosystem

Data exists in an ever-expanding variety of locations in and outside your organization. Put this data to work, providing insights to your users.

Intelligence Experiences starts with Connecting Data

Data is mission-critical. Industry leaders realize the true value of insights is based on getting and analyzing data. Surfacing relevant data to users when they need it requires connectivity to all relevant sources of data. This data can reside either inside or outside of the specific application users interact with. 

Intelligent experiences and modern applications rely on connectivity to data. Before you can help a customer self serve or find the right product on your online store you need to ingest or index all the relevant content customers want to see in the search experience. We have over a decade of technical expertise extracting useful content from many enterprise content repositories having developed over a dozen search content connectors.

Connectors to Business Data that Matters.

Connectivity to Your Enterprise Content

Let MC+A help you connect your data ecosystem

Regardless of where data exists MC+A can help you leverage it to deliver more personalized experiences for your employees and customers. Building intelligence solutions starts with connectivity to data wherever it resides in a public cloud, on-premise, or somewhere else. 

Connectivity Experts

MC+A has over a decade of integration experience. Digital transformation to recommendation driven experiences starts with connectivity to data. Let our implementation experts help you connect your data ecosystem allowing you to provide the richer experiences your customers and employees expect.

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