Making Experiences Relevant

Cognitive Technologies

Finding answers to question before you know to ask. That is the path ahead. We develop deeply integrated solutions that deliver value.
Personalized Intelligent Search

Insight Engines

MC+A is the leading independent search and big data consultancy in the western hemisphere. We have multi-platform expertise delivering successful implementations and customization to most enterprise systems. Let us help you transform your enterprise by reducing friction between people and technology.
Connecting Systems


You can’t use a cognitive solution or deliver insights if your data is siloed all across the enterprise. Connectivity is key. MC+A has over a decade of expertise in developing connectors enterprise content systems. We help clients bridge the connectivity gap. Let us build custom connectors for you.
Supporting Open Source


Learn about our extensions, connectors and other open-source projects. We are enthusiastic about giving back to the community, so we’ve decided to dedicate a portion of our time to support open source projects.
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