Experience Intelligence – Investigation

Speakers Description In this webinar we discuss MC+A’s new solution and approach for Intelligence Experiences for investigation use cases using LLM technology and machine learning. We demo how the solutions can act as a catalyst in expediting investigative processes. LLM technology assist with investigation due to its ability to understand, interpret, and analyze vast swathes of data, thereby aiding in the seamless navigation through a myriad of records. Watch On-Demand

Webinar: Customers Don’t Buy What They Can’t Find

Insights to Improve Part Catalog Search In eCommerce, success is measured by conversions and revenue. Your potential customers’ expectations are changing. Their shopping experiences at large online retailers (like Amazon, BestBuy, and Walmart) are driving this change. PartzInsight by MC+A transforms your aftermarket parts catalog business, helping you compete with major online retailers that built their success on a robust, scalable search platform with powerful features for customers and merchandisers, including: Personalization and Recommendations Understanding customer queries for intent and fitment Indexing large and complex data catalogs with fitment Capturing …

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