Large Language Model

Experience Intelligence – Investigation

Speakers Description In this webinar we discuss MC+A’s new solution and approach for Intelligence Experiences for investigation use cases using LLM technology and machine learning. We demo how the solutions can act as a catalyst in expediting investigative processes. LLM technology assist with investigation due to its ability to understand, interpret, and analyze vast swathes of data, thereby aiding in the seamless navigation through a myriad of records. Watch On-Demand

Boring AI, Exciting IT

MC+A Insight Guest Article. Original Article can be found here. 66 million years ago, an asteroid 10 KM in diameter struck earth near what is now the town of Chicxulub in the Yucatan. In its wake, a mass extinction event killed off 75% of all life on earth. Fast forward to present time, scientists are actively debating whether we are now in the Anthropocene Epoch, where the predominant impact on the planet’s climate and ecosystems are due to human activity. Some even pin the date the epoch began as the year 1950. If the volume …

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Large Language Models Disrupting the Enterprise

MC+A Insight Guest Article. Original Article can be found here. Not since Alexander Graham Bell asked his butler, Mr. Watson, to “come here. I want to see you,” has human communication gone through so radical a change in so short a time as ChatGPT has caused in a few short weeks. It has truly captured the public consciousness.Edison misheard “hullo” as “hello.” While no match to Bell’s exuberant “ahoy!” it is frequently the way we open conversations.Perhaps Prompt Engineering is the new hello.In the few short weeks since Kevin Roose …

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