Reflecting & Looking forward – Insight Engines adoption drives growth

A quick update: Insight Engines propel MC+A’s > 100% YOY Services Growth.

Starting in 2016, MC+A began the transition from the Google Search Appliance to the next generation of search-related technologies.  Gartner classified this combination of search ingestion and machine learning technologies as “Insight Engines” in their Magic Quadrant report as a search platform that provides users a “more natural access to information for knowledge workers and other constituents in ways that enterprise search has not.”   This natural access is enabled by a variety of search-related technologies, including machine learning classification, clustering, learn to rank (MLR) and AI.

Insight Engines provide more natural access to information for knowledge workers and other constituents in ways that enterprise search has not.


In 2017, we saw traction in our demand generation related to this insight engine messaging as bottom line revenues related to non-Google Search Appliance (GSA) business overtook our GSA business line.  

Last year, we double down on this insight engine focus emerging as one of the premier independent consultancy talking with customer and prospects about the benefits and capabilities of this technology.  All this led to a year that in hindsight was a blur. We have been heads down delivering/launching projects for clients so I wanted to catch up with our followers by highlighting a few achievements and our path forward:

Insight Engines: a business-friendly repackaging of machine learning.

For the second straight year, we saw significant development in the emerging solution space called “Insight Engines”.  The messaging from vendors and analysts is resonating with business stakeholders. Insight engines nicely simplify discussions away from technical tidbits of how and focus on the business outcome of what.  We look at these technologies as a toolbox to deliver you what users want, not necessarily what users asked for.

We have worked on some exciting opportunities to deploy this technology to service non-traditional “search use cases.”  A few examples of recent projects:

  • Helping law firms find “who they know in…”
  • Assisting police departments to predictively deploy forces in response to potential crime
  • Enable large organizations to monitor employee sentiment and its effectiveness of their internal campaigns
  • Boost aftermarket e-commerce resellers by translating what their customers ask for to the products they own
  • Optimize sales organizations by instructing their sales staff with the “next best action”

We have big plans for 2019 so stay tuned for game-changing ideas that you can use to build your own solutions.

MC+A Chile: a new center of excellence.

Our office in Chile has been reorganized from strictly a Google Search Appliance delivery center to a center of excellence that is focused on the technologies that make up the Insight Engines category. Specifically, these offerings are primarily Machine Learning, GraphQL, and Google Cloud solutions.

We are also expanding headcount and transitioning the office to be a LATAM sales center in addition to a LATAM center of excellence.

Agnostic Approach: Same but different.

While we have always been technically agnostic, the wind-down of the GSA reminded us that we need to be diversified.  In addition to our historic relationship with Google, we’ve spent the last two years building partnerships with other technology vendors that are highly rated with both Forrester and Gartner.  Our relationships with these partners include our teams embedded with each other’s Professional Services teams. This process has been a remarkable experience collaborating with them remotely, at conferences, and on-site client visits.

From a high level, these relationships provide coverage for the specific tool for the specific job. It allows us to focus on each customer’s specific needs and offer the best solution backed by our technical expertise and excellent partner relationships.


Search is moving from an interface to API.  As any frontend develop will tell you, REST APIs are ‘chatty.’  Given our agnostic nature and leading role in technology (read: first Google Enterprise Partner), we are investing in GraphQL.  Allowing our interfaces to be agnostic and pluggable, with regards to the back end solution boosts efficiency and improves our delivery.  

Manage Services

Lastly, we’ve seen one of our biggest growth areas in Managed Services.  It didn’t dawn on me at first, but if you are going to spend a lot of money on a solution, it’s good to keep a team of experts engaged to guide you through the way.  If that’s something you are interested in, please drop us a line.

We are looking forward to 2019! Thanks for being there with us.


Founder/Managing Director

About MC+A

We are a leading independent search and big data consultancy servicing clients in North and South America from its head office in Chicago, IL.  MC+A is a re-seller and systems integrator specializing in the strategy, execution, and implementation of Cognitive Search and Insight Engine technology.  MC+A focuses on delivering solutions the help our clients increase revenue, reduce costs and mitigate risk.

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