An Attivio Migration. What’s Next for the Attivio Community?

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Attivio’s Active Intelligence Engine AIE was a technology platform built for search experts by search experts.  Over the past few years, it gained top spots in analyst grading (Gartner and Forrester).  This came from the experiences of a team that worked for Fast Search and Transfer who was the premier search company in the 2000s.  This unique perspective led to a fantastically vibrant and technologically deep solution platform with a bright future for partners and clients.  That future became unclear as Attivio announced their acquisition by ServiceNow with clients let trying to figure out a roadmap forward.

Forrester’s report notes the building relationship between Attivio and ServiceNow.  Attivio, like Coveo, saw an opportunity to develop platform integrations into ServiceNow’s ecosystem.  This led to an interesting announcement in late October that ServiceNow would be acquiring “the cognitive search capabilities of Attivio, an AI-powered answers and insights platform company based in Boston, MA. As part of the transaction, select Attivio R&D talent will also join ServiceNow’s engineering team.”

Search companies with great technology that do not diversify eventually get acquired.  What was different about this acquisition was it was an IP acquisition.  The core of Attivio remained to service the existing customer base.  This left many customers, many of whom had just transitioned from Google to Attivio by way of the deprecation of the Google Search Appliance uncertain to the next steps.

Some of that uncertainty was shored up when Lucidworks purchased the commercial operations (I.e. remaining assets).  This was great news for customers.  Lucidworks is also a leading provider of AI-Powered search solutions.  Lucidworks’ platform is very similar to Attivio’s.  They provide on-prem deployment options as well as cloud-based versions.  Additionally, MC+A is one of a few if not only partners of both Attivio and Lucidworks. 

 Some key points to consider are:

  • AIE was a great product.  Customers who choose it made the right decision to implement AIE.  Attivio was known for doing “the hard stuff well”
  • The current AIE product line will continue to be around for a few years
  • While the footprint of Attivio PS has decreased, MC+A can assist with continued build-out and development support

During that phase, MC+A wrote a series of blog posts to inform the community and offer our guidance on the next steps.  Stay tuned.  We look forward to working with you throughout this transition period.

Build Intelligence search experiences that SUIT your needs

The Search User Interface Toolkit (SUIT) is a React user interface library for creating search experiences using a variety of underlying technology, including Attivio, Elasticsearch, and Solr.  MC+A assisted Attivio in the development of external connectors for SUIT and has developed an in-depth knowledge of the library and its capabilities.  We are announcing today that we have forked the SUIT repositories and are committed to continuing to make bug fixes and feature enhancements for the next few years.  Our goal for the SUIT project is to build the best in a class set of agnostic React components to support many diverse use cases involving different underlying search technologies.

MC+A Attivio Migration Kit

There are very few technology companies that can match the MC+A search implementation experience. We recently help many customers migrate their search solutions off of the retired Google Search Appliance.  During these projects, we helped clients by providing implementation templates that standardized the process of migrating to another search technology like changing a battery.  Our Attivio Migration Kit includes a framework for mapping your current state of features, clarifying technology needs, and providing a roadmap to the new technology platform of your choice. However, we have some strong opinions about which technology is most comparable, depending on the details of your current implementation.

MC+A has also developed an Attivio Bridge that simplifies the technical complexity of migration by allowing you to keep some components of your Attivio implementation in place.

Professional Services from Search Experts

MC+A built our Attivio expertise by embedding with Attivio’s professional services team for implementation and served as Attivio’s exclusive implementation partner in Canada and South America.  This team is available to Attivio’s current customers to provide strategic consulting or help with existing implementations to expand the current platform use case through new connectors, workflows, and UIs.

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