MC+A Selected as Lucidworks Commercial Partner of the Year

2020 wasn't all bad.

Since the beginning, MC+A helped companies improve these interactions using search technologies, and in 2020 it was no different. We are particularly proud of our work in two areas, “Intelligent Policing” and part search for commerce. First, our intelligent policing solution is aiding in police investigations by connecting previously disconnected data systems. Second, our parts catalog search, PartzInsights, brings AI and ML to the surprisingly complex use-case of searching for and buying parts online. MC+A offers these two solutions to the Lucidworks community.

"Search" focused from the beginning

The global events of the last 18 months have forced both business and government to prioritize and accelerate digital transformation. How we work, shop, and interact with each other needs to work better. Technology we use for looking for documents at work, shopping for the best price on shoes online, or communicating with product support needs to be more personal. It needs to understand the context. Who is using technology, what are they trying to do, and how best can it help? Providing technology in context makes the experience smarter and more relevant to the person using it.

Receiving Recognition

Because of this work, MC+A is pleased to announce Lucidworks naming us their 2020 Commercial Partner of the Year. MC+A’s implementations typically focus on the deployment of insight engine technology in a manner that achieves measurable business impact. We are excited about this award as we feel it highlights our implementation efforts that make these measurable outcomes a reality for customers.

MC+A is one of our long-time implementation partners and continues to work closely with our Professional Services team to ensure that best standards are delivered to our customers.

- Patrick Hoeffel, VP Professional Services, Lucidwork

Reflecting on a long successful partnership

“Search” has evolved from basic information retrieval from enterprise data silos (Enterprise Search) to assisting customers in specific contexts and delivering personalized and relevant experiences. This evolution has been a long journey. Our team has focused on search-related solutions throughout the years of our implementation, product development, and business transformations experience. Along the way, these search use cases got branded as “Big Data” and most recently rebranded as Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

On this journey, starting in 2008 (or so), we met a company called Lucid Imagination. They were commercializing this intriguing new technology in the search space called Solr. Since those early days, we’ve seen this company grow and rebrand itself as Lucidworks and its platform as Fusion through the years. It has been exciting, and we look forward to continuing the journey to what is next for this rapidly evolving technology space.

We are excited to receive this award. It recognizes our commitment to the hard work of implementing insight engine and search-related technologies partners. We believe strongly in Lucidwork as a partner and technology platform.

- Michael Cizmar, Managing Director, MC+A

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