MC+A’s Response to Covid-19

The MC+A team, like many of you, is following the ongoing situation with COVID-19. First, we would like to say that our thoughts are with everyone affected by this disease and its ancillary impact on the global community. Second, I want to state that MC+A remains committed to our customers’ success and are continuing to support our customers, some of whom are providing the backbone for the fight against this pandemic, to ensure minimal disruptions during this time.  

MC+A last week after reviewing the recommendations on responding to Covid-19 from the CDC and health experts chose to close its offices and instruct its staff to work from home in both Chicago and Chile. Before this, our teams on any given day are working between 5 and 7 time zones, so as a company, we have adapted a natural digital work environment that focuses on remote collaboration. Although we maintain physical office locations, our core infrastructure is cloud-based and distributed globally.

Our infrastructure and processes, while theoretically prepared for a situation exactly like this, what we are experiencing is not business as usual. We are at the crossroad of transformation, and the time horizon for change went for months to days (or zero). Therefore, we want to reaffirm our commitment to providing the very best level of support across our services and customers. Specifically, his means:

  • There is no change to our maintaining customer support SLAs
  • All Professional services engagement can continue unaffected by the pandemic

We are working with our clients and team members to ensure we continue delivering projects and support our customers through these challenging times. 

MC+A has been around for more than fifteen years – we will be here to assist you through this. 

Current clients can reach out for support via our support portal with any questions or reach out directly to me.

Regards and Be Safe,


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