Insight Engine Maturity Model

Understanding Organizations Progress toward Insights

Get a better understanding of where your organization lands on the maturity scale of next-generation search solutions and where you can go by implementing processes and technology.
Organizational Maturity

Moving from Search to Insights

Moving from Search to Insights
Navigating the implementation of these technologies is challenging for most organizations. To assist with this we create a straightforward model for organizations to use a guide. The MC+A Insight Engine Maturity Model outlines a best practice backed stepwise approach to understanding your organizational maturity with respect to your journey from enterprise search to insights

Insight Maturity Model Process Steps

  1. Form an internal committee to lead the initiative
  2. Build a unified index of all the content that your users are interested in
  3. Map the search experience to the user journey
  4. Develop KPIs
  5. Implement ML-based relevancy adjusting relevancy based on the use of the system
  6. Implement user intent detection and provides answers
  7. Implement intelligent recommendations

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A key to a successful journey from search to insights is moving from opt-in to emergent experiences within existing business workflows and user journeys.

John Cizmar, MC+A

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