MC+A Announces Connector Bridge to reduce risk with GSA Migrations

Google Search Appliance replacement

This new solution allows GSA customers to reduce risk in Google Search Appliance replacement projects

CHICAGO, IL – [Feburary 8, 2018] – Michael Cizmar + Associates, LTD (MC+A) today is pleased to announce the release of its Connector Bridge software solution.  The MC+A Connector Bridge allows Google Search Appliance (GSA) customers to accelerate their transition on to a new technology platform by allowing them to use existing connector infrastructure.

The MC+A Connector Bridge enables customers to transition their currently deployed content connectors from sending content to the GSA and redirect them to several supported cognitive search and insight engines.  This solution reduces the development and deployment time required to migrate to a new technology platform by letting customers use existing deployed and configured infrastructure.

“One of the more challenging tasks with migrating away from the Google Search Appliance is matching up connector capabilities. With our Connector Bridge, if you like your existing connectors, you can simply keep them, and we will support them for you in the future,” said MC+A President Michael Cizmar.

The end of life announcement of the Google Search Appliance was a disruptive event for many companies, disrupting project roadmaps and budgets.  MC+A developed the Connector Bridge to reduce some of the complexity, risk, and headaches associated with changing a technology platform.

Visit our GSA Bridge informational page for more information.

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