Meet MC+A’s Elastic App Search Connector

Overcome the Data Hurdle with an Elastic App Search Connector

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As an Elastic advanced reselling partner, we work with many organizations through their process of choosing Elastic App Search as the platform to power their next-generation digital experiences on.  Elastic App Search allows technical leadership within an organization to deploy the power of Elasticsearch as well as intuitive out of the box business-friendly dashboards in one pass. It is an organizational win/win.  With App Search, you can leverage Elastic’s seamless scalability, well-maintained dev clients, and thorough documentation along with dashboards that empower business and content owners to take a more active role with tunable relevance controls and robust analytics.

Delivering Intelligent Experience Starts with Getting Data In

Delivering better intelligent digital experiences, however, relies on data. Before you can provide more relevant digital experiences, you need connectivity to the source repositories that contain the data essential to your users and customers.  These data repositories often reside in locations outside of the interfaces or experience your users interact with regularly.  Connectivity is to data is key for delivering profound experiences.

App Search’s flexibility to data ingestion can make getting data into App Search challenging depending on the use case, especially if you want to web-based content in your App Search instance or on-premise Elasticsearch index.

“Our clients who’ve used our output connector get over the, ‘I like this but how do I get my data into it hurdle’.  Once we do that, we are engaging with them on how can we use this combined technology to build intelligent experiences.”

Michael Cizmar, Managing Director, MC+A

Enter MC+A’s Elastic App Search Connector

MC+A created the Elastic App Search connector to expand on capabilities of ManifoldCF, the industry standard for data synchronization.   ManifoldCF allows you to send data from a variety of input connectors to any output source, now including Elastic App Search. As part of this effort, MC+A has been working with the ManifoldCF developer community for the past few months, contributing to the open-source Elastic output connector. 

Our Elastic App Search connector solves a major pain point we call the “Data Hurdle” by simplifying getting data into Elasticsearch. The connector works by allowing you to pair App Search with ManifoldCF’s web crawler and other input connectors.  Now you can deploy the foundational components of a search solution with relative ease.  The web crawler supports forms authentication and recrawling that you would otherwise have to piece together.  The solution is flexible, supporting deployment either on-prem or to Elastic’s cloud offering of Managed App Search.

Why a Connector?

App Search is an amazing product, but it does not have a simple means to crawl and ingest data.  Like any search solution, it has more value the more data is ingested and used.  We built this product because, in our 15 years of developing digital experiences, we understand the need to get data in.  As we mentioned before today’s digital experiences need data.  We saw the opportunity to help our customers simplify deployment so we leverage our 15 plus years of expertise developing dozens of commercial content connectors and sprinted from concept to product.

Your Content + Your Deployment + Your UI

With the release of Elastic Search 7, you can combine multiple engines through the meta engine feature and expose them through Elastic’s headless UI.  You aren’t bound to a full UI Framework, and it can be injected into your existing site seamlessly.  This flexibility provides your organization with a platform for delivering truly optimized intelligence digital experiences.

We advocate an extreme coupling of the experience to the outcome.  For organizations to deliver a mature and intelligent experience or to move from providing search to providing insights, it requires removing the opt-in requirement for search. Search needs to be emergent from the user experience and existing business workflows.

Start a trial today

MC+A is a top tier Elastic partner with over 15 years of experience in the search field, having received awards from Google for our innovation along with mentions in analyst reports like Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.  Contact us today, and we’ll arrange a 15-day trial of the connector and App Search.

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