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Introducing: MC+A AEM Connector for Coveo

Simplifying platform enablement for intelligent experiences with Adobe Experience Platform.

We strongly advocate a tight integration of search experiences to measurable outcomes.  Search should be central to many initiatives within your organization. If users or customers encounter data or knowledge within an experience, that experience can deliver better outcomes with search. Improving these outcomes start with getting over the data hurdle and ends with providing intelligent experiences that do more than displaying a list of search results.

To help deliver better experiences and ease data hurdles, we are excited to introduce the MC+A AEM Connector for Coveo.  This connector allows organizations to take full advantage of both platforms’ features, providing intelligent, personalized experiences for a variety of use cases. Still, more importantly, it helps by solving the data hurdle with AEM content.  The connector is straightforward to install and configure and, once configured, will replicate your organization’s AEM content to Coveo.

In continuing with MC+A support for open source, the core of the connector is available on GitHub via an MIT license. 

We saw an opportunity to add something of value back to the community by addressing what we saw as a gap in the marketplace.  We are continually looking for ways we can help out clients and the broader community get over the data hurdle.  The open-source license seemed like a great way to achieve these goals.

John Cizmar, Director, MC+A

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MC+A is an award-winning Coveo partner with over 15 years of experience in the field of search and data analytics, having received awards from Google for our innovation along with mentions in analyst reports like Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.  Contact us today, and we’ll discuss how we can help you deliver insights to your AEM powered experiences.

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