Coveo Connector for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

Coveo Connector for Adobe Experience Manager helps build intelligent experiences

Today businesses need to deliver relevant and personalized digital journeys. Combining Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) with Coveo optimizing your users’ content experience with ML intelligence.

Our partner, Coveo is a leading insight engine platform utilizing AI and predictive technologies to deliver personalized experiences driven by search. MC+A built this Coveo Connector for Adobe Experience Manager so that our clients and organizations at large can easily take advantage of the strengths of each leading platform. Our integration reduces the complexity of getting AEM content into the Coveo platform.

Intelligent Experiences. Personalized Recommendations

MC+A is an award winning Coveo Partner

Intelligent experiences feature search at their core. User expectations are aligning with personalization. Recommendations and personalization provided by Coveo’s Intelligent ML produce measurably better outcomes for users by suggesting the correct content to a user when they need it.

Intelligent experiences start with data. The design and implementation of these intelligent experiences focus on the users’ journey and how your data maps to it. In our experience, organizations can experience data hurdles when implementing intelligent solutions. We built this connector to help get them over these hurdles quickly and into providing intelligent experiences that do more than displaying a list of search results.

Open Sourced for the Community

The connector is tested at scale on MC+A’s client projects but in continuing with our support for open source, the core components of the connector are available on GitHub via an MIT license.  Head over there and check it out.

We saw an opportunity to add something of value back to the community by addressing what we saw as a gap in the marketplace.  We are continually looking for ways we can help out clients and the broader community get over the data hurdle.  The open-source license seemed like a great way to achieve these goals.

John Cizmar, Director, MC+A

We are Here to Assist. Get Started Today

MC+A is an award-winning Coveo partner with over 15 years of experience in the field of search and data analytics, having received awards from Google for our innovation along with mentions in analyst reports like Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.  Contact us today, and we’ll discuss how we can help you deliver insights to your Adobe Experience Manager implementations.

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