Introducing: Gmail to Salesforce Chrome Extension

Gmail to Salesforce Chrome Extension

Additional tool for Gmail users to save to Salesforce for free

We are happy to announce our open source project to help integrate your Gmail and Salesforce accounts. This Google Chrome extension will be available via the Chrome store starting June 2016.

This new Chrome extension’s technical roots are based in our previous Gmail to Pika project which was designed to allow the legal aid community to work more efficiently by streamlining how they save case notes and attachments into their case management system. This experience along with a desire to simplify our sales and support team’s interactions with Salesforce led to this project getting started as a back burner project. While we will maintain an official release on the Chrome store, we’re excited to open source the project, so users around the world to get more work done in fewer steps for free.

At our core, we are focused on implementing solutions that help people with the onslaught of data they have to deal with on a daily basis. We’re adding capabilities to do more to help people work with data better including, eDiscovery and Compliance solutions with best in class platforms. More on that to come soon!

How does it work?

This functionality is delivered via a Chrome Extension. Using the Gmail To Salesforce extension is straightforward. Just install it as you would any other Google Chrome extension, authorize it, and start using it. This extension adds a Blue Button to your Gmail page that allows to easily attach received emails and attachments directly to Salesforce Objects in a couple of clicks.


In the mockup above, you can see that this Blue Button will show at the top of your Gmail page. Click it and you’ll see all your available Salesforce Objects. For a step by step guide on how to install and use it, we encourage you to review the extension’s documentation.

As an open source extension, we are encouraging the community to get involved in its development. Together with the community, we can help users to simplify their interaction with Salesforce with a straightforward tool that is free. Have feedback, find a bug? We encourage you to send it as an issue on GitHub.

We will continue to iterate this extension over the coming months and look forward to working with the open source community to the extension.