Interview: Thinking Out-of-the-Box with MC+A

Michael Cizmar, CEO of MC+A, describes identifying the key value drivers in solutions ideal for implementing Coveo.

Coveo Partner Insights from Coveo Impact

Thinking Out-of-the-Box with MC+A


MC+A is focused primarily on inside engine implementation. We take the platform and we enable it to do things that aren’t necessarily out of the box, whether that be a custom connector or a UI that needs to be configured. We have the experience of building a solution end to end. The customers that we partner with are typically Fortune 1000 companies who are looking extensively at what solution they would employ. Coveo is best implemented when there is one of three key business drivers. That you’re trying to increase your revenue, reduce your cost, or provide a compliant solution. Primarily, customers look at the first two, where they are trying to enable sales either through e-commerce, through sales enablement, so you have a large sales team giving them the assets to win the deal, so to speak, or reducing cost so, as you can provide self-service to a customer, the customer is generally more satisfied and it’s the least costly way to support them.

We have a multi-channel approach, so when we’re approaching them with the Coveo solution, it’s the fact that we’re experts in that and we think that the Coveo solution is the best one for them. It’s not just the red car that we’re trying to get off the lot. Coveo’s platform is ready to run and it provides a best of breed solution that customers aren’t typically willing to invest in preparing for themselves

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