MS Walk 2010 Chicago

People living with MS overcome challenges everyday to do things we all take for granted, walking, going to the store, and on. It is important to us at MC+A to support the mission of the National MS Society through fundraising and raising awareness, supporting research for a cure.

MC+A 5 years old, a time for reflection

It’s been 5 years since the current MC+A organization was formed (When we relocated from San Francisco to Chicago, we reorganized).  In that time many changes have begun to surface.  We’ve seen the explosion of Microsoft SharePoint into the once Java dominated portal market.  We’ve seen the Google Search Appliance become the defacto intranet search tool and we are now seeing the extension of portals into commercial SaaS platforms (i.e. mash-up and web 2.0).

Justifying an Enterprise Search Purchase

Why is finding what you need so difficult? I have been thinking about why always seem to be the case. Large enterprise rarely just pop up overnight, actually often growing organically, adding functionality and hardware as demands increase.

The Right Resource(s)

Last month, I analyzed the Google Search Appliance and its relationship to business intelligence security. The next in this series of best practices for integrating enterprise search is the desire for companies to have trained workers. People are one of the greatest assets that an organization has. How often are the individuals working within the …

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IT: Cost Center or Business Enabler?

In this difficult economic environment, it’s easy to see why many companies will look to slash 2009 IT budgets in an effort to reduce costs and streamline operations. 

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