MC+A GSA Connector Bridge

Connectivity is paramount to Successful Search

Simply put, if you like your Google Search Appliance (GSA) connectors, you can keep them.  MC+A has developed a GSA Bridge which appears to the connector as if it was a GSA but outputs the content to another insight engine through its native API.  This coupled with the ongoing support of the existing connectors by MC+A ensures reduced risk of your platform for the years to come.

Simplifying Your Technology Transformation

Reusing your existing connectors from your Google Search Appliance deployment reduces your migration project risks.

Reconnect with your data sources

Connectivity to Your Enterprise Content

MC+A’s GSA Bridge allows you, with a configuration change, redirect your data pipeline from any recent existing GSA connector or feed to many of the top cognitive search and insight engine technology platforms.
MC+A is a consultancy focused cognitive search, and related technologies. Our award-winning team has years of experience developing robust enterprise-ready connectors for our client as well as building over a dozen commercial connectors for the Google Search Appliance and other technologies.

Supporting Panter Platforms

We have existing partnerships with most major cognitive search and insight engine technology companies. These partnerships provide access to technology stacks to ensure connectivity and compatibility.

Let’s Get Started

Drop a note and we will be happy to discuss your specific use case and how you can use the MC+A GSA Bridge in your GSA replacement project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I have a custom connector written on the Google 3.0 framework is that supported?

A: Yes.  Any connector that was written in either 3.0 and Plexi frameworks are supported.

Q: Will you support the existing GSA connectors?

A: Yes.  In addition to supporting the output of the container, we’ll maintain the existing connectors and provide patch fixes for them on an ongoing basis.

Q: Do you offer cloud services?

A: Yes.  The connectors can run in your computing environment of choice.  We assume that these are already running somewhere so generally, we suggest to keep them there.  Additionally, we can host the bridge for you.

Q: Do you honor connector security?

A: Yes.  Our recommendation is to use Access Control Lists and our bridge translates the ACLs that are sent along to the search engines native form

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