Google Search Appliance Replacement

Google Search Appliance (GSA) Replacement

Work with the experts to find the best Google Search Appliance replacement that fits your use case and long-term goals.

Google’s support for the Google Search Appliance ends March 2019. The depreciation of the product leaves thousands of companies technologically stranded, scrambling to find a replacement. MC+A can help guide you through the current uncertainty while providing unmatched technical expertise and experience that will help you plan for the future. As a result of the Google Search Appliance end of life, MC+A has expanded our partnerships so that our clients can leverage our platform expertise to find the best Google Search Appliance replacement for their individual business use case.

Keyword Search is no longer a feature

We feel that looking for an OEM equivalent for your current GSA replacement is short-sighted. Due to both technological advances and growth of user expectations, businesses today need to transition from search to cognitive experiences.  As a result of the gains in machine learning, data analytics, and processing it is possible to offer a much more robust experience to users that can provide better business outcomes.

Google Search Appliance Replacement Options

Lucidworks Fusion features powerful analytics, reporting, and signaling engine and allows for flexible configurations and deployments. Based on Solr, Lucidworks Fusion is an improvement on the open-source by providing security and connectivity to your existing enterprise content systems.

Coveo is a cloud-based findability and analytics platform that utilizing machine learning to provide users the right answers given previous searches, organization knowledge and user context. Coveo can reach enterprise content sources to help you realize an intelligent workplace.

Elastic search provides flexibility and reliability. Take data from any format while allowing you to search, analyze and visualize it in real-time.  Elastic is deployable either on-premise or in the cloud and is the largest open-source search engine on the internet today.

Getting Started with Google Search Appliance Replacement

MC+A believes delivering cognitive and analytics solutions are inherently complex, therefore require deep investigation of your business processes and outcome. Because of this belief, we created an Assessment Guide to provide additional information to help inform customers and users better understand options and possibilities. Also, check out our youtube channel. We have been posting content there that might help existing GSA customers understand all their options.

Bridge the Gap in your Transition

We build a technology solution that allows customers with an existing GSA infrastructure the needed flexibility in how they transition. Our GSA Bridge allows you to keep your existing connectors in place, which reduces risk and reduces overall project timelines.

Get in Touch. We can Help

MC+A has the technical expertise to assist you in selecting the right technology.  It starts by understanding your current GSA solution for you going forward.

  • How many GSA’s do we have?
  • Which part of the business owns the GSA?
  • Do you have resources allocated to keep them working?
  • What connectors/content sources are being indexed?
  • Was the deployment done with internal/external resources?
  • Are Analytics tracked and reported?
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