Google Search Appliance Replacement. Upgrade your search strategy.

Google Search Appliance replacement starts by upgrading your overall strategy and approach to search.

If you are one of the many Google customers who are currently struggling with Google Search Appliance replacement or playing out the waiting game with Google, this is your opportunity. The enterprise search market has evolved considerably over the last five years, and the new advancements, especially with artificial intelligence, have dramatically expanded the impact that your search practice can have. Use cases have gone from simply enabling the “single source of truth” to truly solving the most pervasive problem in business today: relevance.

Most companies today have a “relevance” problem. The problem is bigger than employees taking 30 minutes to find a document. It’s the most valuable resource in a company going underutilized and underperforming.

Your search strategy – and the vendor you choose after GSA – can solve your relevance problem. Enable every employee to share and consume knowledge, depending on their context, information needs, and access level. Relevant information powers the innovation, collaboration and upskilled workforce that companies need to win their market. Looking at search as just a “function” or a commodity to be managed is a crucial missed opportunity.

Today’s leaders in enterprise search are not only doing this – but making it completely painless with machine learning that automatically tunes results by learning from users’ online behavior patterns. Our partner, Coveo, which debuted its cloud-based search product three years ago, has cemented its expertise and leadership in combing machine learning with usage analytics. The success of Coveo has generated serious business impact, from a 125 percent increase in mobile conversions for a media company to increasing employees’ competency 12 times faster at a Fortune 50 healthcare company.

It’s time to reframe how you think about search as you move on from GSA. Can your search strategy solve your relevance problem?  Contact MC+A and we’ll discuss how our assistance with strategy and implementation will solve the challenges you are facing by delivering relevance to your users and customers.

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