The 3 reasons why you should be using ELK

Why ELK? Get Actionable Insights form your Data The ever-growing value of data to the fundamentals of modern business operations has put a premium on collection and analysis of as much business-relevant data as possible. Issues arrive with a bottleneck, …

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migrating your Google Search Appliance

Google Search Appliance Migration

Don’t Panic. But it’s time to plan your Google Search Appliance Migration. Avoid the quickly approaching cliff. We suggestion starting your Google Search Appliance migration sooner rather than later. So Long Google Search Appliance (GSA) Google announced the winding down of …

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10 Years and Counting

Interview: Reflecting on 10 years of MC+A

Michael Cizmar (@michaelcizmar) started MC+A ten years ago — before Big Data was used in daily conversation, and  before knowledge management became part of the business lexicon.  We sat down with him to reflect on the past 10 years. Why …

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