Semantic Search & Discovery for eCommerce

Why is the keyword search that powers so much of the web outside of Google and Amazon so awful? If the natural human language that instructs Alexa to turn on lights, or Siri to schedule a wake-up call could be used for guiding product discovery, our cumbersome and irritating process for finding and buying products could be improved immeasurably.

MC+A Selected as Lucidworks Commercial Partner of the Year

2020 wasn’t all bad. Since the beginning, MC+A helped companies improve these interactions using search technologies, and in 2020 it was no different. We are particularly proud of our work in two areas, “Intelligent Policing” and part search for commerce. First, our intelligent policing solution is aiding in police investigations by connecting previously disconnected data systems. Second, our parts catalog …

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Signals in the Noise – Insight Engines Magic Quadrant 2021

Every quadrant report generates questions related to how vendors plot to the quadrants. Typically, all vendors who spent significant time with Gartner place well. There is considerable pride for the vendors that do well and questions on ranking criteria for those that did not as the quadrant ranking reflects their management and vision. Additionally, customers will often use this report alone to shortlist any search-specific ‘search’ projects. So, there are immediate benefits to a strong placement on the Quadrant. The Quadrant coming out later than usual did not reduce questions, even with our lower expectations for the report due to its short absence.

Microsoft Search is not worth the wait.

Building Intelligent Experiences – Insight Engines vs Microsoft Search Part 1 – Breaking Down Microsoft Cognitive Services Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in business have become as synonymous as salt and pepper on any primetime cooking program you might watch on the Food Network. Regardless of what solution you are ‘cooking up,’ it will likely benefit from applying it. Gartner …

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Announcing Coveo MVP Program

This article is reposted from Coveo’s Blog. Our journey to delivering truly relevant digital experiences has not been short. It reflectsnearly two decades of technological development, driven by market-inspired innovation.The story behind the Coveo Relevance Cloud ™ originates with groundbreakingadvancements in unified indexing and enterprise search and it then moves to includecontextual relevance, cloud and content analytics, behavioral analytics, ML-poweredrelevance, …

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Web Crawling for Elastic App Search

Elastic App Search is an excellent solution… Once you get your content into it. App Search’s New (7.9) Release still has complexity getting content in. A few weeks ago, Elastic announced its latest release to its Enterprise Search product line.  The new 7.9 release features a tighter integration between Kibana and Enterprise search.  This 7.9 release enabled some powerful features for App Search.  For example, App Search can now inherit the index lifecycle management (LM) policies to manage logs and …

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Parts catalog e-commerce search sucks and customers don’t care why

PartzInsight is an AI Platform for your Part Catalog providing Amazon’s features, at Prime Subscription pricing The pandemic has transformed the parts catalog business from the counter to e-commerce.  No longer are consumers and mechanics heading to the nearest outlet store to hang around the counter to shop for parts.  Within a few months, the industry instantly transformed as a …

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Webinar: Customers Don’t Buy What They Can’t Find

Insights to Improve Part Catalog Search In eCommerce, success is measured by conversions and revenue. Your potential customers’ expectations are changing. Their shopping experiences at large online retailers (like Amazon, BestBuy, and Walmart) are driving this change. PartzInsight by MC+A transforms your aftermarket parts catalog business, helping you compete with major online retailers that built their success on a robust, …

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Coveo Connector for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

Coveo Connector for Adobe Experience Manager helps build intelligent experiences Today businesses need to deliver relevant and personalized digital journeys. Combining Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) with Coveo optimizing your users’ content experience with ML intelligence. Our partner, Coveo is a leading insight engine platform utilizing AI and predictive technologies to deliver personalized experiences driven by search. MC+A built this Coveo Connector for Adobe …

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