MC+A 5 years old, a time for reflection

It’s been 5 years since the current MC+A organization was formed (When we relocated from San Francisco to Chicago, we reorganized).  In that time many changes have begun to surface.  We’ve seen the explosion of Microsoft SharePoint into the once Java dominated portal market.  We’ve seen the Google Search Appliance become the defacto intranet search tool and we are now seeing the extension of portals into commercial SaaS platforms (i.e. mash-up and web 2.0). The first two years are suppose to be the most difficult.  As many companies across the world can attest to, these last two have been the most difficult for us.  At a certain point only sheer will and determination cause positive outcomes.  I definitely want to thank all of those who are involved in MC+A, my family and my wife for their support and dedication.  We’ve taken a concept that I planned on the beach of Brazil and grown it into a multimillion dollar business with outreach globally.

To our clients and community, I definitely want to thank you for working with us.  In the coming months we’ll be releasing new services and open source code that will help you connect to your information assets.  As always, we see the utilization of these  as being the single most important asset your company retains.

MC+A – Chicago will be celebrating this Friday down at the taste of Chicago.  Email me if you want to meet up at my flat and join us:

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