Justifying an Enterprise Search Purchase

The complexity of the Enterprise

Why is finding what you need so difficult? I have been thinking about why always seem to be the case. Large enterprise rarely just pop up overnight, actually often growing organically, adding functionality and hardware as demands increase. This layered approach while great for scalability and practicality often creates problems around finding, accessing and using the information that is contained within those layered systems. Because information can difficult to find, time is wasted by all members of the team from employees to managers attempting to make decisions. Wasted time is money wasted. Good enterprise search save both.

Users expect a unified search experience

Our partnerships with top technology platform vendors enable MC+A to match clients specific use case to the best solution for bringing a consumer-like experience to your enterprise search deployment. The GSA is an integrated hardware and software appliance that is packed full of the necessary search algorithms built into it. Think Google in a box. All our customers have needed to do is plug and play. Well actually they typically go a little more like: install appliance behind the firewall, insert an ethernet cable, power up and then specify which repositories the appliance should search. The appliance does the rest, completing a one-time crawl, creating a master index, and performing periodic incremental crawls on a managed schedule to refresh its listings. That is all out of the box. Good enterprise search is simple, fast and robust.

Universal Search is a Great Solution

From an end-user perspective, the Google Search Appliance provides a comprehensive search experience often described as “Universal Search.” This concept promotes a one stop shop for you search information. Specifically, all information inside the enterprise will be accessed through a single search entry point. The appliance can integrate into many different data sources making for a search boxes that is the destination for connecting to your enterprise data. The universal search concept also allows for less training. Most of your users are familiar with how to use Google’s keyword search paradigm. Again, think Google.com in a box.

Google Search Appliance is designed to ease IT configuration issues. It is pretty simple to deploy and pack full of goodies.

A plug-and-play appliance: On an average deployment you simply rack it, and point it you your documents and the appliance automatic starts indexing

Software does the heavy lifting: You have Google.com in a box. You be able to provide quality results without meta-tags, customization or any need for algorithm re-writing

High level of security: The GSA will filter search results on access permissions. Users only view what they are entitled to view.

Simple to install. Universal search experience for everyone. That should make the ROI focused people happy!

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