Our Expertise

We are enterprise search and analytics experts. We have over a decade of expertise delivering solutions that transform organizations. Our methodology helps us deliver experiences that delight while reducing friction between users and the information they use.

“Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler.”

Albert Einstein

Insights is Enterprise

MC+A provides strategic consulting you need to build and deploy intelligent search and applications that deliver answers in context that improve findability. Information is paramount in today’s business landscape.  We improve user experiences by connecting systems and people with business critical information at the right context.

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We Know Search

Analytics and Big Data

Analytics and Machine Learning

Initiatives that are worth investing in are worth measuring.  Maintaining and improving search solutions requires regular governance.  Collecting signal and analytics provides shape and context to your data.   Understand your data beyond simple relevancy.

“What gets measured, get managed”

Peter Drucker

Managed Services

Your internal IT resources can not be the expert in everything.  As your knowledge systems grow findability is a challenging problem to solve.  Maintaining and improving search solutions requires regular governance.  Let the search experts handle the maintenance of these systems, providing best practice support, consulting and maintenance of your search solution. Free up your internal resources and let MC+A be your trusted advisor.

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Google Cloud

Let the experts help you build what is next on Google Cloud.  MC+A has a long history of delivering technology solutions for our clients.  As a charter Google Partner, we understand the cloud, how to develop for it and can help you develop solutions that, provide insights, deliver value and empower your customers and users.

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An e-Commerce search experience is more that indexing displaying SKUs. Merchandising and personalization of product listings to each visitor is vital to any online store experience. Increase customer satisfaction and drive revenue by improving the search experience within your e-commerce platform.

Ecommerce search