The 3 reasons why you should be using ELK

Start getting useful insights from your data.

Most people and companies are aware of the value of Big Data or the benefits of collecting and analyzing it. Having the resources to get it analyzed, on the other hand, it may present challenges. Systems generate data by the second; you got to make sure you understand it. Your business doesn’t need a sophisticated technology footprint to produce loads of data. All this data is potentially-valuable if you learn to discover the messages buried in it.

At MC+A, our goal is to help our clients solve business problems rooted in the lack of insight and accessibility to useful data. It’s important to understand that access to and processing of data is the key to actionable data-driven decisions. Our approach to analytics is to simplify disparate, complex data to come up with a measurable outcome that will drive your business to success in a particular area.


The Elastic Stack (aka ELK) is a powerful tool combination for log management and data analysis, built on a combination of three open source tools: Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana. These combined provide an all in one system for data storage, retrieval, sorting and data analysis. ELK is becoming the most common open source, log management platform used globally. Here’s why you should be using ELK:

1 – Solid Design Allows for Effortless Data Analysis

With ELK the “not having time” is not an excuse to not get your data analyzed. With this tool, the pattern for analyzing your data is solved. The only thing that you have to worry about is what you want to see as a result. How to store this data and show the results is another thing you should not worry about because Elastic and Kibana take care of that. The real effort it’s in learning how to use Logstash to accept and transform your data the way you want it. This analysis is straightforward to learn due to Logstash structure which is easy to understand and it is well documented.

2 – Data Visualization and Exploration out of the box for Free

Start exploring your data right at the moment when you decide to. ELK is an open source project and is waiting for you to give it a try and start visualizing your data in ways you never imagined. No matter how large or small your business is, analysis of the data you have available will provide insights and even competitive advantages if you know where to look .

3 – Extendable Sources and Aggregations Allow Many Possibilities

You are able to configure Logstash to accept data from many sources, and you have a wide array options to filter and transform it as you please. Kibana offers multiple ways to aggregate and show your data in an organized and easy way. It has many visualization options to choose from and they display instantly because of how Elasticsearch handles and stores the transformed data by Logstash.

Scale your business.

Data analysis can help you uncover underlying causes business issues. ELK supports many log management and analysis use cases that can derive insights from data. This includes IT operations, customer support, business intelligence, security, and more. Discover what your data is saying and what you can it do for your business.

Want to learn more? If you’re in Chicago, join us for an upcoming Meetup about Elastic 5.0 on December15th. Learn more.