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Productivity accelerator

Siloed data with federated search is an outdated reference for implementing search solutions. Making the user as productive as possible is the goal today. Focusing on indexing a specific system misses the true potential of searching with insights. Let go of the concept of content silos. Users are seeking answers, provide them.

Modernizes the search experience

Keyword search is no longer a feature.  In today’s business environment it is a legacy technology. Forward-looking businesses are replacing keyword search with frameworks and platforms that understand where users are and what the are looking.  Today you need to go beyond simple relevancy. Modern search is based on analytics and insights.

Innovate quicker

Innovation happens at the intersection of technology and people.  Connect people and ideas are critical to leading a technology or business sector. Coveo surfaces relevant content to users based on a given context and outcome.

Key Coveo Features


Access industry-setting levels of data security in the cloud and enjoy safe and fast results to content you have access to.


Coveo allows for deep integration.  Search your entire ecosystem through a unified index.  Ingest a wide range of business data using any number of Coveo connectors.  Data is only useful if it is discoverable by the people who need it.

  Get a Jump Start on Relevancy

Getting up and running with Coveo comparatively simply. Take advantage of simple and intuitive admin tools, actionable analytics and highly-tunable relevance.


Get proactive suggestions based on your project, case, or task for a relevant search experience.

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