Lithium Connector


ETL your Lithium data for better search and knowledge visibility.

The MC+A Lithium Connector  provides ingestion and synchronization capabilities for Lithium’s community blogs, forums, groups and more  within your organization giving you better access to your data, without the hassle of creating and maintaining your own ETL processes.


Works With

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Useful Lithium Data

Below is a sample of some of the Lithium data that our connector can traverse and ETL to your search platform:


Represents group discussions by product experts and brand enthusiasts on relevant industry topics. Access good content easily and provide timely responses to your users.


Represents support cases, and other useful content and resources for self-service to speed up the process of managing inquiries.


Represents individual blog entries shared within your enterprise and stored in your Lithium account.

  Knowledge Base

Identify and share all the internal knowledge you have of a product or service.

Why customers choose MC+A’s Lithium Connector?

Huge Search Index Improvement

Index only what is important for your search users, Include metadata and other indexing improvements which allows valuable Lithium content to be surfaced.

Data Visibility

Customers develop a 360 degree view of all of their  data which gives you enterprise mash ups, faster access to relevant content and improved overall findability..

Data Portability

Take control of your data and infrastructure.  If your search systems changes our connector can replicate to your new system.


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