Michael Cizmar Interviewed by Beyond Search

Michael Cizmar, MC+A’s Managing Director was interviewed by Beyond Search on market trends and MC+A’s direction and goals for 2017. Here is a brief preview. Beyond Search learned that MC+A has added a turbocharger to its impressive search, content  processing, and content …

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migrating your Google Search Appliance

Google Search Appliance Migration

Don’t Panic. But it’s time to plan your Google Search Appliance Migration. Avoid the quickly approaching cliff. Assess the current GSA deployment and explore the best migration options for you. So Long Google Search Appliance (GSA) Google announced the winding down of …

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Gmail to Salesforce Chrome Extension

Introducing: Gmail to Salesforce Chrome Extension

Additional tool for Gmail users to save to Salesforce for free We are happy to announce our open source project to help integrate your Gmail and Salesforce accounts. This Google Chrome extension will be available via the Chrome store starting …

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