Can the Google Mini index documents stored in Microsoft SharePoint?

Answer: Yes - The Google Mini Can Index documents stored in Micrsoft SharePoint!

The Google Mini along with the MC+A Google SharePoint Sitemap can effectively be configured to crawl Microsoft SharePoint sites.  The MC+A Google SharePoint Sitemap produces a dyanmic site map which the Mini can use to crawl deep within SharePoint.   You can further enhance this by adding a Content Web Part onto the search page which will allow you to have the Google Mini produce search results within SharePoint.

Here's it working in our environment.

and in edit mode:

How is the integration achieved?

Step 1 - Navigate to the search results page Step 2 - Switch the search results page to edit mode Step 3 - Delete the SharePoint search web parts Step 4 - Add content editor web part Step 5 Add the following code(modify for your environment) Content for web part

How does this work? 1) SharePoint search web part reads the k parameter query string and makes an 'ajax' type of request to the appliance. 2) The end use broswer communicates directly with the Mini.

If you purchase a Google Mini from MC+A, we offer a free GSS with support matching for the term of the Google Mini. Otherwise, the product lists for $500 and includes a 30 day trial support during the trial. MC+A professional services can be engaged to assist with the integration within SharePoint.