Looking to What is Next

The days of focusing on running a solution to keep the lights on are gone. MC+A will help you focus on what is next for your business by delivering solutions and user experiences that innovate and let users get to work.

Solutions are more than Purchasing Technology

Real solutions, the ones that work, are more require more that simply purchasing technology. We understand this. We provide strategy and best practice guidance that drive business transformation for our clients’ initiatives.

Best in Class Platforms

We deliver impactful solutions for Enterprise Search, Big Data Analytics and Information Management by leveraging best in class platforms and partnerships.

 Securely run your business critical processes and applications on the most advanced cloud platform ever built.

Fusion provides the enterprise-grade capabilities needed to design, develop, and deploy powerful search apps at scale.

Intelligent cloud-based search aimed at customer and agent self-service for Salesforce and Sitecore.

IBM Watson Explorer is a cognitive exploration platform that combines search and analytics, providing cognitive capabilities solution.

Salesforce based software helps you better understand customers through their cloud-based innovative software.

Sharepoint allows you to empower your team with an intelligence collaboration platform to boost overall performance.

Solr powers your search and navigation experience with an open source enterprise search platform built on Lucene.

Elastic Search solves search challenges and reveals insights from your data with an open source platform built on Lucene.

Impactful Brands

We work with major technology brands to help them use their institutional knowledge better.